Las Vegas Aces Fans Second Watch Party 2019

After our popular first Aces Watch Party, we had several folks who were anxious to get back together and do another! Bearing in mind that I/We were still learning, this one taught us a few things. First of all, Thursday (weekdays) are tough for a lot of people to attend. Secondly, 4:00 pm tip-off times make it even more impossible for most.

As a result, we didn’t have quite the larger crowd that we did for our first watch party event. But yet still we had a fantastic group of just about 20-25 people. And we had a lot of fun!

Side note: this is the game where our Las Vegas Aces debut their new Red Nike Impact Jerseys. Of which, many of us have tried diligently to get the team or league to put up for sale. But to no avail. Yet….