WNBA All Star Merchandise That Will Be Available

here is a sneak peek into what WNBA All star 2019 Merchandise will be available when you go. Folks get your pocketbooks ready! It’s gonna be so much fun!

Update After The WNBA All Star Game About Merch

So it’s been basically 2 weeks since the WNBA All Star Game in Las Vegas.  I wanted to give it a little time to digest and process, along with hear feedback from others online about their experience with the whole WNBA merch situation.

Overall it seems like everyone was pleased with the majority of the selection and availability of merchandise for the ASG.  But the biggest things I saw and heard feedback about are:

  1.  No WNBA All Star Jerseys were available.  This was supposedly a Nike thing, and no one could purchase or order them anywhere.
  2. Only the 3 Las Vegas Aces player t shirts were available at all the merch stands.  This is great for us LV Aces Fans, but not great for fans of other teams or individual All Star players.
  3. The lines for WNBA All Star merchandise were super long, which in turn kind of kills part of the overall experience due to lost time standing in line.  There was only one merch stand inside the arena and was only available during the Friday night Skills Competition and during the actual All Star Game itself.  Put several thousand passionate fans into the equation and you have a long line.  There was generic ASG merch available in a ton of the boutique shops and gift stores throughout all the MGM properties though.  So if you were just wanting that, then you could have grabbed something there.  You could have also picked up one of like 2 t shirts at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store nearby as well and saved a trip to the Las Vegas Strip.  LOL

Overall I think they did a pretty darn good job with merch.  That said, my feedback would be to try to find a way to have a merch stand maybe during let’s say:  Fan Fest????

That, in my opinion, was probably the biggest lost revenue opportunity.  The next would be what I’ve been saying for months to the Aces team:  invest in a heat press to make custom t shirts and jerseys.  Had this been in place for the ASG, they would have made a mint.  Imagine how many folks would have customized an Erica Wheeler t shirt after that showing and emotional moment?  Likely 50% in attendance would have rushed to drop about $35 in honor of her performance and heartfelt presentation.

But hats off to our top notch Aces staff and MGM.  They really took on the big task of putting on one FAN-tastic All Star Weekend.  It can only get better as we move forward.  And from the sound of things, it looks like 2021 is already lined up for the next WNBA All Star Game here again!  Viva Las Vegas!