Las Vegas Aces Playoff Push

Only 8 regular season games remain (2 home & 6 away). 

As of this writing, our Aces are currently in the #3 spot in the standings.  And it’s a tight race within the top 4 or 5 teams.  Which means that every minute and every game really matters. So I wanted to put together a quick rundown of those upcoming games and how you can get involved, catch them on TV to support, join us for a Watch Party, or even travel to a game with us!

Why is the playoff push so important?

Well the way the WNBA Playoff format works, top 2 teams to get a bye round in the first 2 rounds. The #3 and #4 teams only get a bye in the first round.  Here’s how it shapes up:

Top 8 teams make the playoffs

Round 1 (single elimination): 

#5 hosts #8

#6 hosts #7

#1, #2, #3, and #4 get a Round 1 Bye


Round 2 (single elimination):

#3 hosts lowest seed round 1 winner

#4 hosts the other round 1 winner

#1 and #2 get a Round 2 Bye


Round 3 (semifinals, best of 5 series):

#1 hosts lowest seed Round 2 winner

#2 host other Round 2 winner


Round 4 (finals, best of 5 series):

The two winners of the Round 3 games will face off in a best of 5 for the Championship.

This means that the strongest desire is to gain either a #1 or #2 position by the end of the regular season.  Therefore ensuring a 1stand 2ndRound Bye, and not being subject to any single elimination games.  Also probably good for your heart to not have to endure that kind of pressure cheering on our Aces!

Should we land in the #3 or #4 spot, the we can bypass the Round 1 all together, but still have to play one single elimination game in Round 2.

By battling it out over the next few weeks, hopefully we can really cheer on our Aces to one of those top 2 spots.  While letting the other lesser teams fight it out and wear one another out before they face us in a later round.

This year we really have a good chance at going all the way.  With the team that’s been put together, how well they’re playing, and across the league how many key players are out for 2019 – this is an excellent reason to make a good run at it all!  Then there’s the fact that the whole nation and the entire league has their eyes on Vegas now. 

Let’s show them how amazing we are and how FANtastic our fans can really be!  Get involved!

OK, so here’s all the remaining regular season games and all the information that I promised:

Sunday August 18

Aces play away game in Chicago at 3:00 pm PST and it’s televised on NBA TV.


Tuesday August 20

Aces play at home vs Phoenix at 7:00 pm PST.  Locally it’s on MyLVTV and also on Twitter for everyone else.


Friday August 23

Aces play away game in Connecticut at 4:30 pm PST.  It’s televised on NBA TV.  Also if you’re a Season Ticket Holder, you should have received an email from the team for their STH Watch Party for ticket renewal event.  Be sure to respond to that email if you’re a STH. 


Sunday August 25

Aces play away game in Minnesota at 4:00 pm PST.  It’s televised on NBA TV.  Also we will be having our 7thAces Fans Watch Party at MacKenzie River Pizza (located inside City National Arena).  Be sure to click “going” on the event in this group, and we will see you there!


Tuesday August 27

Aces play away game in Indiana at 4:00 pm PST.  It’s only available on League Pass App.  Be sure to have your subscription ready!  And I’m sure we will see a lot of J-Yo’s friends and family at the game on tv!


Saturday August 31

Aces play their final regular season home game vs Los Angeles at 7:30 pm PST.  Vegas locals can catch it on TV on channel MyLVTV, and nationally on NBA TV.


Thursday September 5

Aces play away game in Atlanta at 4:30 pm PST and it’s televised on CBS Sports Network.


Sunday September 8

Aces play away game in Phoenix at 1:00 pm PST.  The game will be televised on League Pass.  This is the FINAL regular season game to be played.  Also there is a large group of us that have made plans to attend this game in Phoenix.  You can contact Jean Suppa on Facebook, as she has organized and coordinated a group of tickets behind the Aces bench and at an incredible rate.  Literally only $40 per ticket including fees.  As an added bonus, if you purchase tickets through her, you will get early access to the arena and a chance to watch pregame warmups for our Aces!  Additionally there are several of us that have made our own independent plans to be at the game.  So you will need to find your transportation (maybe try to work with others and coordinate) and any hotel stays you may want.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun and we will have a pretty big group in attendance at this game.  We’d love to see you there!  (and so would our Lady Aces!