Custom LV Aces T Shirt With All Player’s Names

So I was contacted by Kevin, the guy who owns Klever Shirtz here in Las Vegas.  He had seen the little signs that I did last year in support of Kayla McBride (KayMac Fan) and that I am obviously really a fanatic about our Aces.

He asked me about doing a custom t shirt with that KayMac thing on it.  It totally looked cool!  But then I was thinking: “wait – of course Kayla is my favorite player.  But the truth is that I really like all of our Aces players.”

So I asked him if I could give him some feedback and an idea.  He said:  “of course!”

It was then I was thinking about those t shirts you’ve probably seen that people make with a handful of names on them. Usually it’s names of a group of close friends, or the names of their favorite tv show or movie.  And I was like:  “how cool would it be to have a custom t shirt with all the Las Vegas Aces players on it?”

And that’s how it all came about.  Kevin quickly mocked one up for me and it was spot on. He immediately went to production with a couple of them.  A couple hours later, my wife and I had the chance to meet up with Kevin and his wife to pick up the first two!

I have to tell you, I REALLY dig this design.  And obviously I prefer to work with someone here local to Las Vegas.  Even better:  Kevin and his wife are huge Aces fans and attend the games!

So rather than trying to find some other shirt place, I am honestly telling you that I am super fond of being able to tell everyone about one of our fellow fans who can produce custom t shirts for us.

I’ve heard from numerous folks who were able to order one from him this past week.  They’re also super happy that Kevin actually meets them at the game to deliver their shirts.  How cool is that?  

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know how the t shirt came about, and of course how you can get one if you’re interested.

I don’t receive any type of commission or whatever if these sell.  He did make my wife and I a couple of the t shirts at no charge, so that’s the most compensation I’ve gotten from it.  Which is obviously way cool!  But I just wanted to let ya’ll know, just in case you were wondering.

Hopefully by now everyone knows that I’m not here doing any of this to make anything.  I am truly just another big fan just like you.  And yeah, who wouldn’t wanna rock this shirt, right?

OK, here’s the link to purchase directly from Klever Shirtz.  They’re only $20 bucks.  

Also you’ll notice that he also has his cool mash-up shirts using the half and half logos of our local teams.  So you can also get something done with half Aces and half Golden Knights.