To provide an opportunity to unite and introduce Las Vegas Aces fans to one another and have a fun environment to discuss players, coaches and the team, watch games and cheer on our favorite team. This group is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment where all positive minded Las Vegas Aces fans can interact and capture or collaborate on ideas to improve the overall fan experience.

While there truly is no “official” group (the team does not sanction or sponsor any fan groups, including this one), we wanted to ensure that everything was completely organic and that no outside motive (business, profit, or otherwise) was involved in the operation of a fan group. Fans are not limited to joining just one group. We strongly encourage everyone to find what works best for themselves.

This group and page is not owned, claimed or operated by a business. Therefore your data will not be used to market or target you in any way.

Our mission is to create value for you as a fan. This group will be administrated and moderated by actual fans, rather than by an outside business entity page. Our goal is to become a central source for creating watch party events. We also want to focus on providing content and resources that help you be the best fan you can be, from wherever you are.

My name is Phil Cory.  I am simply a big fan of our Las Vegas Aces WNBA team here in town.  I am a season ticket holder along with my wife.  

We honestly didn’t know how much we would enjoy this game until we attended our first game in 2018 when the Aces came to town.  I purchased season tickets a little prematurely. Just seeing if it might be something fun to do in the summer.  The next thing we knew, we were absolutely hooked from the first game!

I found a couple little spots online for Aces Fans, like on Facebook.  And in the first season not much was happening.  The only information I could find was usually from the team’s social media feeds and a few other WNBA Twitter handles.  But nothing was like a true, one stop spot that was dedicated to Las Vegas Aces Fans.

So I created this website.  Please keep in mind that I have no profit motivation with the site.  Rather I just wanted to help grow the game and exposure to our local WNBA team (that is really incredible, by the way.)

I also started putting together the first Las Vegas Aces Fan Watch Parties.  That all started from a couple conversations I had online and at the games with some of my fellow fans.  We were like:  “why aren’t we getting together to watch the away games?”

Well that conversation happened for about the 99th time and I just made a decision to put one together.  And that led to the next watch party, and the next, and so on.  

So what’s supporting this website or my efforts?  Nothing.  I don’t get any affiliate commissions, no sponsorships, no kickbacks, and no – not even a free meal at any of the watch parties.  As a matter of fact, I’m not so sure that I would accept any of that if it were offered.

I happen to be very blessed to work from home.  I am in the internet marketing business for several companies.  So this was an easy way for me to simply buy a domain name ($14 annually), put it up on my web hosting (which I already have for my business, so it’s paid for), and created some stuff on Photoshop and then I “borrow” a lot of stuff from others online, including the team (sorry ya’ll, I love ya and I’m really just using that stuff to help get the word out about the team and grow it — so please don’t come after me!)

Anyway, so I just really wanted to help my fellow fans along with help find some new fans to the game and to our team.  That’s really it.  I don’t get any kind of special treatment or freebies from the team or anything.  It’s just me doing something on my own accord.  Hopefully you find some or all of it useful.

If you have something that would be a good addition to the website, please reach out to me.  I prefer email naturally, but if you’re a media somebody or something you can give me a call.

My email is [email protected] and my direct phone number is 702-482-3300.

If you’re looking for something from the LV Aces Team, please visit their official website at:


If you have a question or want to purchase tickets from the Las Vegas Aces, please call them directly at 702-692-ACES 

Again: I do not work for the team.  I do not get any kickbacks, commissions, affiliate revenues, or anything from anyone, including the team.  This is a personal venture and I hope the information provided on this website is helpful to many like myself who are Las Vegas Aces Fans.


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